20 Jan 2013

{Sleep and the toddler}

The one piece of advice I give new mums or expectant parents. Kids are unpredictable.

I have to remind myself of this sometimes.

The past week bedtime and sleeping in this house has been a hard one.

It started with Monday night the boy being awake for over two hours in the middle of the night, followed by me having to get up and go to work. I was not wholly productive to say the least.

Then Tuesday night was a MEGA 3 hour mammoth bedtime trying to get him to go to sleep. Starting at 7.30! Followed by being awake in the night, then me having to wake him up to go to bed. Again very tired.

Wednesday night, bedtime not much better. But he did stay in his bed all night.

Thursday. Asleep by 7.30!

It has gradually improved over the weekend (apart from the 5.30 wake up call this morning) but doesn't; stop it taking it toll on me and my body.

His bedtime routine needs to change, as we have always sat with him. Not holding him, but in his room. But we are gradually introducing us leaving the room for periods of time and he does stay in his room. However he ends up getting so hyped up and excitable. Its a thin line as having someone in the room encourages him to lay still but if we do it takes up so much of our evening.

But it doesn't matter really. We will get the periods of staying asleep later and then WHAM early early morning hits you in the face! Unpredictable toddlers.




  1. I can completely sympathise between my 20 month old waking in the night and the 3 yr old waking at 5.30/6am I'm like a walking zombie sometimes, couple that with working till 10pm some nights and everything else us mum's have to do! I just keep reminding myself that things will get better! Finger crossed you get a good night tonight!

  2. I was so, so lucky with Sam because she slept through the night from 3 weeks old and that never changed. I always used to play a tape (we are going back 18 years!) of nursery rhymes to her and that would help her fall asleep. I never stayed in the room with her, just put the tape on and left.

  3. Sorry to hear you've had a bad week, but it's good to know we're not the only ones with a small person who is randomly awake in the middle on the night. It all seems to phases though, so hopefully you'll get a better night this week and catch up xx