11 Jan 2013

{ProjectLife2013 : Week 1}

I cannot believe I actually completed my 2012 album. An actual year long project, finished to bursting. All recorded. It makes me so happy - me and K sat down this past week and looked through the albums. Remembering things, seeing our son change and seeing things we did. I do feel very proud that I accomplished this.

I knew then that I wanted to continuing to scrap in this way. I love scrapbooking and do not see my other albums as finished but works in progress, but does not stop me feeling overwhelmed for the amount of stories left to tell. Yet my 2012 Projectlife en captures everything. I have included tickets, DVD covers, small stories, big photos, bigger inserts and just everyday stuff. I feel very happy moving forward with this approach to scarapbooking our lives. I found the projectlife system easy to fit into my everyday busy lives. I was able to take time out each week to remember, to write and record our stories. I'm not saying this is the end of 12x12 for me. But on a more regular basis the projectlife system work for me.

Therefore i was very excited to finish my Christmas pages for my 2012 album and crack on with 2013!

Last year I did one side a week, and then topped up those weeks with inserts. This year I've decided to do the more traditional double page spread per week. There are a few things I have decided to add as constants each week on my spread.
  1. Family Photo. These may not always be pretty amazing, we might sometimes be in PJ's. But looking back at the albums last year this is something I loved seeing. The changes. So this will take up a slot each week.
  2. A Thankful thought. Relating back to my 2013 blog post I want to add a positive thought each week. It can be small, it can big. But something good.
  3. Maxwell This Week. This was common trend in my album last year anyway, but again I want to dedicate a slot each week to this. He is changing so much and his speech is coming on leaps and bounds and recording the little things he says or does will be a great thing to look back at. (For example at the moment, when he leaves the room he says 'Be Right Back Mummy!' Too cute!!)
Then the rest will be a overview of this week in our life. We both work so there is not always too much to say - but I like to record some work based things too. I.e If my week has been particularly bad, or good - exciting or interesting (it does occasionally happen)

Which leads me into Week 1, completed and in the album! Go Me!

This week including the new year, K's Birthday Cake and a night out to celebrate, M's first birthday party of the year, seeing Kaiya and getting cuddles, my IPhone going swimming in a cuppa and a lazy Sunday (and a trip to emergency doctor for K)

I also spent this week setting myself up for projectlife scrapping. I was lucky and got the Clementine Core Edition for Christmas, which provides lots of journalling cards. I also went through my stash and scraps and cut a load of patterned paper into 4x6 and 3x4 sizes for quick usage.
I pulled out some stickers and journalling cards also. Then propped them all up in the box. Which sits on my dinning table currently but can be moved. 

And you see the little tags bottom left - I made them. You can download them following this link  if you'd like. These are just little general ones with days of the week etc. I may do some more in the coming months also. Any suggestions for wording let me know!

Happy 2013 projectlifing!



  1. I certainly use you with your 2012 PL ideas as inspiration and I love what you achieve. I've done something similar with mine this year as each night I write in my gratitude/positive thoughts book and I want to incorporate. That some way into my project life album. This is my first time of doing this, so just to warn you I may be asking you lots of questions lol

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  3. I did a short scrapbooking course and loved it. Well done on 2012 :)