10 Jan 2013

{Hello 2013}

And welcome back to the blog!

I've been quiet point one, enjoying family time - point two - a serious of unfortunate events which has led to - a new curtain rail, new curtains, antibiotics, and an IPhone drying out in rice for the past week.

The less we dwell on all of the above the better, to be honest.

Moving on - let's see what shall I aim to achieve is this coming year - not a resolution, more like a motivations.

  1. Projectlife 2013. I finished (except a couple of open and end pages) my 2012 albums last week. I am in love with them. I am in love with the fact our year is recorded. I am 'up to date' I do feel slightly sad that my 12x12 albums are not full but then I have two albums full to bursting.
  2. Finish wedding and honeymoon albums. These are 12x12 and I want to try and at least finish the main part of them. The skeleton pieces of the day.
  3. Be Positive and Thankful Each day. We may not have a lot. But there are lots of things we do have. I want to try and at least remember these things daily. Some days it will be harder I know that.
  4. Turn 30. Yes, this August I reach that milestone age.
  5. Keep my weight on track. Staying happy and healthy is key. For me at least.
  6. Cook and bake more. Try new things, not to be afraid, and embrace my skills in the kitchen,
  7. Be easier on myself. I am my own worst critic, enemy and everything else in between. If I relax more maybe I will be more positive (back to point 3)
  8. Be more open. With myself, friends, social media - you name it. Admitting things are not happy, or frustrating or in general annoying is better than not. I have a great circle of friends who are supportive and understanding and there for me. This makes things a lot easier day to day.
  9. Knit and Crochet more. Try new things and learn new skills.
  10. Enjoy it. Enjoy whatever comes my way. Make the best of situation at hand. Its that simple.
Hope your new years came in happily and roll on the rest of the year - what ever you may throw my way.



  1. Looks like you are setting yourself up for a great year there x

  2. Good goals - my resolutions are similar - definately want to crochet something this year. And 30 is so young!

  3. I have an iPhone drying out in rice too, keeping my fingers crossed for you and me! Great list, hope you do well with your motivations.