6 Dec 2012

{That Perfect Christmas}

Where does this overwhelming need for perfection on one day of the year come from? As I would very much like it to go back to where it came from.

It natural to want things to run smoothly or end up right, but the over achieving sense of achieving perfection for 24 hours is surely not something that can be lived up to right.

Firstly I know I do not have the budget to stretch to that perfect present, the most beautiful wrapping or a gourmet 3 course meal. Secondly I'm not sure I have the time either. And are these really the most important parts of Christmas anyway? Is that what everyone remembers.

As each year passes and do you really remember that Christmas Lunch you had dish by dish, or that maybe things were slightly 'overcooked'  - Or do we remember that time we had 3 Christmas Dinners in one day (true story!) or that first Christmas Lunch I cooked in our home just for us.

Do they remember the beautiful decorated and wrapped Christmas presents with individual monogrammed gift tags lovingly made by hand. Or do they remember the fact that you got them that digital alarm clock you mentioned in passing a few months ago or that cook book you had told him you really wanted to have.

Do they remember the fact you hand crafted, hand made and home cooked everything which was enjoyed over the Christmas Season. Or do they remember talking, laughing, spending time together. Oh there may have been a rather lovely chocolate cake at some point.

I am trying more and more to focus on what is important. What I want to enjoy. What memories I want to make. I think stressing about perfection will not aid this one little bit.

I have always wanted to try making some handmade gifts and this year there are a few more appearing in your present list. But if i feel under pressure the nearer Christmas approaches then maybe they won't.

I enjoy baking, so having a list of baked goods and recipes to try is not something which appears just at Christmas, this is standard in our household. But if I do manage to make everything, so what. It is not the end of the world.

I want to enjoy, savour, remember and treasure the season. And try and Remember Leanne - you are lucky.



  1. Very true, enjoy spending time with your hubby and son!

  2. Fantastic post and so so true. L xx