8 Dec 2012

{oh Christmas Tree}

I love when the tree goes up.

When we pull out that box of decorations. Trawl though all those memories.

Usually we decorate the tree as family. This year was a little different. Our new tree arrived late, and a bit bigger than our old one. We put the tree up while small one was asleep and wrapped the tree in twinkling multi coloured lights.

The next morning out his little self came and as he stood in the front room staring up at our 6ft tree he tells me 'Christmas tree mummy' the joy and wonder on his face was perfect. He headed straight to the box if decorations and started pulling then out 'me help mummy' so me and M got to work. With out daddy. We spent all morning pulling out the baubles, ornaments and trinkets our the box. M admiring them as we made a pretty tree. K was just as excited to come home and see what we did.

I keep finding him standing by the tree, holding the decorations telling me 'me looking mummy' it makes me happy to see how excited he is. How much he loves it.

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