30 Dec 2012

{Merry Christmas}

To all.

Well it's nearly back to normal.
No more fridge stocked with goodies we don't need, or finding time to wrap presents, or pick baubles up off the floor and continually telling m to stop attacking the tree.

We had a lovely filled Christmas days.

Christmas Eve a house full of friends, kids, food, wine and laughter. Was lovely.

Christmas morning me and my boys opening presents while I cooked and faffed in the kitchen. Before our friends came round with their daughter to share the Christmas lunch with us. And te evening was spent relaxing on te sofa as little one crashed out by 7!

Boxing Day. Busy visiting both families and was greeted with shouts from m after opening each present 'open another one!' He had a blast. And now has a brand new wardrobe of clothes, a selection of of new toys, books and games.

The preceding days have thankfully been low key with days spent relaxing and being together. (I am constantly being told by various people close to me that's I should be doing this!)

Hope you all had a very merry time with those you spent time with.


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