12 Dec 2012

{Making Christmas}

I LOVE this holiday season. I love lots of things about it. My family have always loved it and done it big. From presents left at the end if our beds, leaving mince pies for Santa, dressing the whole house in prettiness, having all the family round, filling the house with Christmas treats and playing board games in the evening. My mum has always been instrumental in this. She loves this time of year. She loves hosting. She loves her family around her.

Her being her makes me want to do that for M. To create the kind of Christmas memories which are fun, magical and happy. Full of laughter and silliness. And so spending time together. I want to give him the wonder. The magic. The excitement. That Christmas always had for me. The trying to stay awake, being awake crazy early and having that lurch of excitement in your tummy when you feel your stocking is there. Of remembering smells of baking in the kitchen. Of twinkling lights and our tree full of ornaments from our years of Christmas past. I want him in years to come with his own children be able to say to his other half - let's bake sugar cookies for Santa, ill call mum. She has the best recipe.

I hope I can inspire him like my mum inspires me.


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