3 Dec 2012

{JYC meets Projectlife}

Well in my album it will.

I love all the December daily albums and JYC albums, they are beautiful  But I have also come to a realisation is that I don't particularly like mini albums. I like the idea of them, but I find the whole 'where can I put this now I've made it' decision a little annoying.

For my JYC approach this year, i'm combining the projectlife (i.e our daily stuff which will obviously now include more Christmas related activities) using Christmas themed papers for the whole of December and then journalling along with the JYC prompts on the blog. However I wanted to include the journalled elements also within my album. In comes this idea.

Prettifying up and printing out my blog posts onto 3x4 cards to slips into my album. It was actually really easy to do. I had a browse online (starting at pinterest here's my font board here...) and installed a selection of new fonts. These are the ones I went for my cards.

I don't have photoshop so I did all the editing in Word. I created a 3x4 document and shrunk the margins right down.

Then I copied and pasted into the document my blog post wording. I won't lie I spent a while going through fonts, changing some of the spacing about, moving things around.
Once I was happy I printed it out on plain printer paper first (adding a cross on a corner, so I could rember which was through the paper feeds)
After that cut out a piece of cardstock to print on. I have a stack of some white linen A4 which I think will work well. I stuck the card onto the copier paper covering the orginal print out.
Before putting it back through the printer.
All done. To finish I rounded the corners, added a date stamp and a little washi tape. Ready to slot into the page protectors. If my journalling for the day is more wordy I will make 4x6 cards.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out, and I think it will make my December section of my album look a little different from my other pages.

Happy Crafting all.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your methods. I've been trying to do project life this year so was going to go along similar lines for my December daily album. Been snapping photos so just need to write it all down!