3 Dec 2012

{December Planning}

Its that time of year, where you try and make an effort to see people, make plans and be sociable.

Our social calendars are always on the busy side and December is already looking the same.

Already in the diary

  • Nursery Christmas Party
  • Winter Wonderland Visit
  • Afternoon Tea
  • K night out with the boys
  • Christmas Crop
  • Work Christmas Meal
  • Festive Coffee and Cake with friends
And these do not include the actual Christmas days themselves.

I am planning on hosting Christmas Eve for a few friends to pass through, have a drink and catch up. Wish each other a Merry Christmas (I have a few things I'm planning on baking for then) and Christmas Day we are hosting lunch for a few friends as well. 

I do Love the hosting, the making people feel welcome, to just being at home. But by the time boxing day comes around I happy not to be the host on duty!

This year I am trying not to panic, not take too much on, not try to do much and focus on the actual enjoyment of spending time with friends and family. I'm trying not to worry about it being perfect and more about it being enjoyable and full of love, laughter and fun. Focus on what I enjoy  - the baking, the talking, the sharing and less on the my house is too small, too cramped, too cluttered. We make do and we are lucky for what we have. 

I'm starting a little Pinterest Board of things I genuinly think I WILL be able to do for Chritmas planning. Rather than pretty pictures of things I think will not happen! 

This post is written in response to the JYC class hosted by Shimelle Laine.

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