11 Dec 2012

{ dear Santa }

How's it going? Busy?

Now there are plenty of things I could write about that I would like. Like that ceramic cake stand in next with the ribbon slots? Or an amazon gift card so I can stock up my kindle? Or some soap & glory goodies from boots?

But there's a few things less materialistic I would like.

I would like to be able to stay calm, to not panic or worry as much. To be happy in my own skin. Feel proud of all that I am. The achievements I have made. The family i am creating. The wife that I am. The mum that I am. The life that I have.

I want to be stronger. Able to stand my ground more. Have more faith.

I am lucky and blessed and should revel in that thought each day.

Please Santa if you can help. In any of the above. That would be great.

If not. Just the cake stand would be nice.

Love. L x

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