1 Dec 2012

{Crafting : Advent Calendar}

Last year I knitted the small one a collection of stocking for an advent calendar for the small one but while walking round Ikea I spotted these cute little advent bags - decision made I picked them up. Now they are cute on their own but I wanted to make it a bit prettier I whipped up 24 paper snowflakes cut out of just copier paper, added some punched out circles, some numbers and ta-dah finished advent bags - full of a selection of chocolate goodies for the boys! (the hubby and son!)

 I prepared by stuff, cut the copier paper into 4x4 squares. Then made snowflakes.
Until I had 24 of them, then put them altogether. I filled them with a selections of chocolates. I was going to be more creative with my filling of them, but hey ho. Best laid plans and all that.

Happy December 1st!


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