4 Dec 2012

{Craft Loving Child}

I like crafty things. Just in case you didn't know.

I remember as a child that my Christmas presents would always have a 'creative' edge to them.

I remember getting fashion design plates, paper flower maker and Get Set art sets. (you know like the paint a tutem karum tomb or make your own lipbalm sets!)

I remember wanting to do it all that day. Rip open the packaging and make everything. TODAY!!! (This is the same feeling I get when looking in a new cookbook!)

I remember circling the creative gifts sets in the catalog (I still love to look at them now, badge makers and colour your own tote bag gifts! If only I was 10 again!??)

I remember loving each year the stationary pieces that would appear in the Santa sacks. From Disney Princess pens, to pencil cases stuffed with colours, to notebooks and diaries and novelty erasers.

I remember that excitement of new things. Of putting it all away. Of checking over your haul. Of feeling happy.

I still love that now. Of the shiny pretty packages, of gifts lovingly picked by family. Granted they are no longer Get Set art sets or fashion design plates - but cookbooks and new PJ's still have that same effect.

And to be honest - I would love a set of pens, a notebook or too and some wool as a gift on Christmas day. Not much changes huh?

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