10 Dec 2012

{Christmas Treats}

I don't know what it is about Christmas that makes you feel like it's ok to indulge. Whether its just because it is the end of the year? Or that the shelves in the shops are stocking with glorious packages full of biscuits, chocolates and yummy things.

There are certain things which I count as needed when Christmas appears.

1. Starbucks red cup coffees. My fave being gingerbread latte and the Christmas I was pregnant with M I craved these!!
2. Baked goods. I love a good reason to get baking and having a house full or visiting people is a brilliant one! On my list this year snickerdoodles, sugar cookies, gingerbread house and maybe some cupcakes.
3. Champagne. I love the stuff and why not pop a bottle or two over Christmas. We have one currently chilling in the fridge already.
4. Chocolate. As the season rolls around my house seems to get full of the stuff. Tubs of Roses, Christmas tree decorations, to presents for others.
5. Cheese. Oh my nothing like a good cheese board!
6. Party food! Yummy plates of sausage rolls with cranberries, or filo tarts with goats cheese and prawns wrapped in crunchy coating!
7. Mulled wine. The warm spicy notes make me think of Christmas.
8. Smoked salmon. Layered on top of crunchy bread, Delish.
9. Desserts. Yule logs, trifles and cheesecakes of different concoctions.
10. Snacky bits. As we call it our house. Cheeslets, peanuts, pretzels and twiglets. All those things that seem to get supersized as that season nears!

There's my 10 on the 10th in December!

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  1. I was just pondering today on this obsessive need for over-indulgence at Christmas time, but I'm so with you on this list! Especially the champagne and the Roses chocolates!