17 Dec 2012

{Christmas panic}

Is well and truly setting in here.

I can feel that panic raising in my chest, the ability to think straight out the window and that feeling that the world is ending is nagging at the back of head.

So let me take a minute. Make a cuppa. And. Stop.

What really needs to be done.

Order the last presents for hubby. (Done!)
Wrap the last presents.
Finish the little handmade bits.
Buy stocking presents.
Finish the online food shop.
Plan what needs to be done kitchen wise.

Everything else. Well that's a bonus.

Phew. Feeling slightly calmer already.

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  1. I tend to get very stressed at this time each year, which is daft really as its not like someone changes the date at the last minute is it?! A wise person told me recently that its just a roast with paper hats and I guess that's true but I do like everything to be just so! I'm taking a blog break so just wanted to stop by and wish you all the blessings of the Season.