2 Dec 2012

{Christmas Memories Past}

As I child I don't remember to many of the traditions I am trying to add to my families life. I remember the anticipation as a child, opening the advent calendar each morning, the Christmas fairs at schools, the leaving out of goodies for Santa, putting the Santa sack at the end of our beds and the brand new pjs on Christmas Eve.

What I do remember when looking back. Is the excitement at putting the tree up. Getting that box down from the loft and pulling through decorations. As children we had the same decorations each year. I remember a set of teeny tiny wooden toys. A little drummer boy and toy solider. As we got older my mum went colour themed on out trees. And the wooden toys were packed away.
I still love that excitement. Of putting the tree up. Looking through our box of decorations. I strive to add new decorations each year. When looking through them they all have different memories attached. Different stories to be told. I love that. A tree of memories. Shouldn't that be what Christmas is about. Enjoying and remembering times spent together and memories past.
Happy December.
This post is written in response to Shimelle Laine Journal Your Christmas class.
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