5 Dec 2012


Every year at Christmas I think many things in regards to Christmas cards.
*i should really send these sooner
*i should make my own cards.
*i should do photo cards.
*i should do a Christmas letter (like those across the pond do!)
*i should be more creative.

Every year I fail on all of the above.

Today I headed off to the card shop to pick up the like of 'family' cards along with some charity cards to send to friends and families.

We have had some really lovely photos of the 3 of us this year which I think would of made lovely cards. But I left it too late to get organised for this. I might just get the photos printed and add in the cards?! Hmm.

I've always loved the Christmas letters and especially now with Pinterest there are some which really inspire me.

Ours would be a little like this.

Edwards 2012 in Review

Married 1 year, 4 months.

Maxwell is 2 years, 10 months.

We have visited Hastings and Nottingham as a family this year.

Most watched DVDs at home would be transformers 3 and any of the Pixar movies.

Most eaten food would be sausages. M loves them.

1 trip in an ambulance.

M favourite thing is superheroes and playmobil. And yoghurts .

Kevin. Got more work done on his tattoo in his arm and is very proud of his pride. Oh and very happy to see new Spider-Man , new batman and new bond films at the cinema.

Leanne. Drove all over the county to visit friends near and far. Continued to annoy all those near to her with photo taking and scrapbooking it all.

Maxwell. Found his voice and is now a constant running commentary on life. And pretty much bounces off walls all day.

Memories include : Mickey Mouse birthday party / big night out for K 31st / snow fun in the park / fancy dress superhero party / Clive and Maxine wedding / Stuart and Lisa wedding / Rachel and Rob wedding / caravan weekend break / buddy joining the family / visiting up north / the Great Danes visit / Bella birthday / welcome baby kaiya / scrapbook weekend / paddling pool and water fights / Easter weekend / family staycation / afternoon tea birthday / date nights / daddy day care days / mummy and maxwell time.

That's it really. I think. Maybe I'll just send them the link to this instead?!


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