26 Nov 2012

{Blurb book : Creation}

I have been wanting to do a wedding book for ages. and I finally got round to sitting down and doing one. I used Blurb to create it and it was so easy! I was surprised!!. When you logon to Blurb you can install the BookSmart Program onto your computer. From here you create your book, you can choose from templates and sizes. The program then accesses your photos which you can then pick and choose the photos you add. I decided to do just a photo book with no words and use different page layouts depending on the pictures I had picked for that section of the book.

You can open up the folders and look through your photos to pick and choose your selection of photos.
You can change the size of your thumbnails to be able to see the pictures easily.
Once picked you import all the photos to the program
And voila they appear in the left hand tray on the screen. The bottom tray allows you to see your book, move pages around, change templates.
I loved the multi photo templates and for the photo booth pictures from the wedding it worked really well!!
Your final checks get completed.
Then you upload, this bit took a while so I just left it to run. After it has been uploaded you place your order. Once yo have created your book it stays on your account, so you can always reorder the book as it was.

I'm so pleased I finally sat down and took the plunge on this book (next on my to do list - Maxwell Year 1!)

If you want to make your own book I have a promotion code you can use to get 15% off your orders, enter 'PROMO15' in the checkout.

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