25 Oct 2012

{working mum!}

Being a working mum is tough.


You go do you 'job' , put your all into, try your best, deal with office politics, go to meetings, have conference calls, go to meetings, deal with problems and answer emails.

Then after all this the real job kicks in.

The collecting from nursery, packing the bag for next day, washing and ironing, putting to bed, waking up, getting dressed, preparing snacks, stocking the fridge, playing hide n seek, reading bedtime stories, pointing out colours.

Then comes the best bit.

The cuddles. The holding hands. Hearing him say he loves me.

I'm real mummy. With a part time job.

Need to remind myself this.


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1 comment:

  1. I only work part time and find it hard to do both! The most important part of my full time job is the cuddles and fun x