2 Oct 2012

{Learning Something New Everyday}

This month I learnt.
  1. I learnt that some days are hard. But if you get to end of it - that's what matters.
  2. I learnt that I can make Profiteroles.
  3. I learnt that this potty training thing is starting to click
  4. I learnt that with good friends distance is no issue
  5. I learnt that sitting down to read my book for 10 minutes can easily turn into hour and half.
  6. I learnt that disagreeing with people is sometime inevitable.
  7. I learnt that the m25 is a nightmare. Whenever.
  8. I learnt that being away from my boys is hard. Miss them like crazy.
  9. I learnt that coming home even to a messy house is the best thing.
  10. I learnt that sometimes it is best to do what is best for you and not others
  11. I learnt that I can lose my cool and panic, when usually I'm the calm one and K panics.
  12. I learnt that it is better to be safe than sorry
  13. I learnt that your son being sick all over you is more than enough to wake you up.
  14. I learnt that sometimes even at my age relying on your mum is never a bad thing
  15. I learnt that doing what right for your family will mean making cancellations of plans made.
  16. I learnt that actually having a lie in is not that easy with the boy and husband at home
  17. I learnt that getting up and going to work on Monday - is not that bad!!
  18. I learnt that Maxwell has learnt a new sentence - Miss me Mummy!
  19. I learnt that a super early bedtime by the small one is a little bit sad when we miss having cuddles.
  20. I learnt that a little bit of preparation goes a long way.
  21. I learnt that I should have a little bit more faith
  22. I learnt that (reaffirmed that) I am lucky with the friends I have
  23. I learnt that I should always be prepared for the weather.
  24. I learnt that I really need a rain coat.
  25. I learnt that missing bedtime altogether is sad.
  26. I learnt a lot about assertiveness and handling tough conversations (and I'm not as bad as I thought)
  27. I learnt that a little overtime goes along way (and the small one loves Dr who!)
  28. I learnt how to upload a video to YouTube and post it on my blog
  29. I learnt some days I can achieve lots of different things.
  30. I learnt that spending time with the family is nice but can really annoy you too.

Thanks Shimelle for an awesome project. I'm looking forward to having a read back through all the prompts!.

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