1 Oct 2012

{adventures in the kitchen : Brandy Butter Cupcakes}

Just the sound of these make me think of all things festive. I love the idea of making my own fruit cake at Christmas but I always end up with LOADS left over - when I saw this recipe I thought it was a nice balance of being able to bake something with fruit and booze!! and in a small enough batch the wastage would be pretty low. The husband was also in full agreement of me baking something involving brandy!!

I used a lovely recipe my Kate Moore over at the Whitworths website. I tweaked the recipe a bit and topped my cakes with the brandy butterscotch sauce before icing them with the brandy butter cream. The husband gave these a big thumbs up. The icing came out so soft using the new Whitworths superfine sugar - I was very impressed. I also used the Whitworths soft brown sugar which was really lovely and not in clumps at all. It gave the cakes a yummy caramel taste which worked well against the boozy sultanas in the mix.

These were very moreish and would make a perfect dessert option  - maybe with a little more of the butterscotch sauce drizzled over.

Disclosure: I'm working with Whitworths Sugar, whose www.whitworths-sugar.co.uk site includes ideas and recipes for baking with sugar. Follow the conversation on Twitter with the #bakingS0S hash tag and @WhitworthsSugar.


  1. Brings back memories of Christmases of the past. Lovely and look so special and festive. I love how you approach your cookery.
    Commenting for myself and BritMums.

  2. ooh these look lovely - I love cupcakes with fruit in, very moist & moreish!