14 Sept 2012

{Review Post : Warburtons Nann Bread Chips}

We were a lucky household the other week to be sent a box filled with yummy treats from the guys at Warburtons!! A selection of their new Nann Bread Chips.

We received a selection of the new flavours of Creamy Korma (mild), Classic Tikka (medium) and Fiery Madras (hot). While K and his brother were round one evening playing computer they tucked into the Fiery Hot ones - however saying that I did not find them that hot, they had a nice sweet flavour to them too. The boys enjoyed them with a couple of beers.

My sister really liked the Tikka ones which she grabbed while passing through one evening and the Korma ones were a lovely addition to lunch at home. I usually make a sandwich but I had been using these as topping on top of salad instead of croutons - which made a nice change.

We all enjoyed them, and definitely think we would buy them again when having friends round - it was a nice alternative to the normal big packets of crisps and the flavours were very moreish indeed. They had a nice crunch and didn't get soggy quickly when dipping them.

They come in large sharing bags and smaller bags, and are available in Morrison's stores across the UK.

(I did take some photos of them at home, but these photos have disappeared!!!)

Let me know if you try them? What do you think?

Happy snacking!



  1. We got some of these too! I liked them but was the only one who did so gave them to my sister to eat (her partner is always snacking lol) and they loved them. I think they are a nice treat and like you say great for having when friends are round.

  2. They look good! Id love to try the korma ones!

  3. I really want to try some of these but i've not seen them in shops yet?