19 Sept 2012

{Review Post : Great British Bake Off App & Book}

Oh I am loving the #GGBO, it inspires me each and every time I watch it. And there I was one evening chatting away about how much I'm loving it and I got asked if I'd give the app a review - erm yeah.

(now a side note - i had planned to get myself in the kitchen and get baking a few things from the app and book BUT with M coming down with croup, me getting a cold and then our oven packing in it has not gone to plan! But believe me as soon as that oven is working I will be getting my bake on.!

The app is lovely - split into 5 sections of cakes, biscuits, bread, pastry and puddings. Now the recipes in the app are a mixture of recipes from across all the books. (just so you know) Each recipe gives you a skill level, a ingredients list (with the functionality to add things directly to a shopping list - great for planning bakes!) Then the steps. The steps are shown in a list format but also in a hand free option for in the kitchen - when you swipe above the phone to scroll through pages. It is a little temperamental but I love the idea of it!! The app has some great photos and allows you take pictures of your bakes within the app to share via facebook and twitter.

Bakes I am planning from the app are : Sticky Orange Marmalade Cake, Tart au Citron and Chocolate Roulade.

I also got sent the book - my oh my - it is awesome. Amazing array of recipes and I love the showstopper challenges in the book in each chapter. You get a basic recipe for example of a sponge cake and then 3 levels to turn it into a showstopper!. It has lovely photos (it is a shame not every recipe has a picture!) and clear instructions. Also the back has a good glossary of basic baking things (like pastry, butter cream or creme patisserie) rather than these being included in every recipe.

I did manage a bake from the book (before the aforementioned series of events!) of a the sponge cake with chocolate buttercream. It was to take into work for my birthday - it was well recieved.

I like the fact the book also offered explain on some more 'showstopper' skills like making a 3 tier cake, recipes for different sized cakes or icing tips. Its a good well rounded book on giving you some fancy skills in the kitchen!

Have you got the book? Anything you have added to your 'to bake list'?


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