4 Sep 2012


Some of you may have seen my post the other day about the highlight reel we portray to our social media audience. In response to this over on Instagram me and a few other decided to show #notthehighlights for the day.... wanna see what mine were?

 The mess a two year old can make in the space of a hour awake!
Washing up to do.....
Potty training means some accidents are bound to happen
Temper tantrum after temper tantrum
Refusal to eat more than 3 mouthfuls of dinner

And rounding off my Saturday with ironing.

So there you go, my imperfect Saturday.

Hope yours was better?



  1. I love this post, totally inspired to do the same (after I make my way out of the mound of ironing, nappies, bottles, wipes, toys and crumbs a 3year old and a newborn generate lol) x

  2. I love this post! Thanks for showing. Just like my day but with two older girls and a newborn!

  3. great post -thanks for sharing x