3 Sept 2012

{My Adventure}

I am not an adventurous person. By no means. I have not taken big holidays or travelled the world. I have not bought a house or tackled life changing decisions. In some ways my life has been a little predictable. (not that I am complaining)

But one thing I have done is be a mum. And boy oh boy is that one big adventure.

From talking about starting a family to finding out we were pregnant to being pregnant to giving birth to actually being a real life mum it has been one big learning curve. Learning to think on my feet, to trust myself, learning to trust others, learning where my priorities lie, whats important to me and my family. And learning to relax a little (I'm still working on this one! Promise!)

Everyday is different. And everyday I learn a little bit more about my son, my abilities of being a mother and being a wife. I learn what needs to give to get through the day, I learn that sometimes I cannot do it all and that being a mum may be hard but it is totally worth it (believe me sometimes I have to remind myself of this fact - which is usually helped once the little angel is asleep!)

It is a constant adventure and that each day is different. Each day provides its own new battles to overcome things to learn and things to appreciate.

It amazing looking back at these photos and seeing how my son has grown. He is caring and loving and yes a little boisterous at times. He has no fear (never has done) is full of energy and makes me laugh so much. Seeing his speech and personality develop has given me great love that he is developing and growing (any that know me know this has been one thing I worry about)

I know it's never going to easy going and each new stage we reach opens up a brand new adventure (currently potty training) but I look forward to it. I look forward to learning more about my son and me as both wife, mother and just me!

I love being a mum and I love that this really is my biggest adventure. What more could I ask for?

This post was inspired by Shimelle Laines Learn Something New Class for September - check it out as she is awesome. #truefact.

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