16 Sept 2012

{Many things}

Scrapbooking has given me so much. It's given me a chance to be creativity, a way to record my family life and encourage me to take photos. It's given me a hobby and something to pass the time. It's given me a desire to fill my house with letter stickers and patterned paper. And it's given me friends. Some truly great amazing friends. Who know so much about my life. About my family. That have shared in the ups and downs. Who don't think it's weird I want to take a photograph of the place setting or the restaurant or that I want to take the bill for my album. Who I can laugh with. Share stories with. And be silly with.

I'm lucky as I have been blessed with two groups of friends. There are my crop friends. These friends live local to me and in past few years have not seen as much as each other but when we do it's like no time has passed at all. They are a great source of support, a sounding board and always willing to have a cuppa. We all live different lives and all have different tastes but when we are together its always fun, always nice to catch up with and they really are such good good friends.

Then there are my 'scrappies'. These girls are from all over the country, we don't see each other that often in real life but we speak every day. Via text, email, twitter or instagram. We are always in contact and never that far away virtually from each other!! It's lovely when we get together. They make me laugh and smile. they are they to listen, to give advice and to share jokes. If only we all lived closer! These pictures are from a recent get together up north to celebrate the lovely wedding of Mr & Mrs Hull (and I did 'borrow' these photos from a couple of friends off instagram) There were a few girlies missing from today - but it was awesome seeing them all - having a laugh, and joke and generally just being together. Good Times.
Has your hobby given you a group of friends? Those who get you!? Understand your need to buy wool, bake cakes or pretty paper?

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  1. I've met people online through scrapping and ravelry and Facebook who I know I will never have the chance to meet in real life so it's lovely to see somebody else having that opportunity.

    I did meet a lady through a local knitting group I found out about through ravelry and we now meet up for coffee and knitting (not as often as we would like but it's nice)