5 Sep 2012

{Learning to live with a Toddler}

Before having Maxwell our house was for starters a lot smaller. We lived in a small 1 bedroom flat, with a tiny kitchen. This was our first home together. But when we found out we were pregnant we decided to move to somewhere bigger (two bedrooms) and a better location (right next door to a park).

We have always had a lot of 'STUFF' aka my hobbies (scrapbooking, knitting, baking, reading) and Kevin's (DVD's, Music, Computer Games) and a fair few clothes between us. And we still have a lot of 'Stuff' but add into the mix all the paraphernalia a small child acquires makes for a very full home.

Between me an K we have cut down our stuff (my scrapbooking stuff is smaller - actually makes me happier, I buy what I know I will use, I have deicied I am a patterned paper lover. Fact) we have moved all CDs into boxes as all our music is now on the computer and we have donated / sold plenty of old clothes between us. Granted my collection of cook books just seems to grow? Oh well so does his DVD collection!

I don't think I would of believed anyone if they told me 2 years ago that now my bed would have a mickey mouse toy for company, or the washing basket would have a plastic rocket, or the front room would have an art table and a parking garage, or that the bath would have more toys than bubbles, or the kitchen would have the same amount of plastic crockery as there is china, or we would have to buy another bookcase to house a library of picture books, or we would have storage boxes piled high (two just full of transport related toys), or that we would watch Disney Pixar movies on repeat, or that we would know the character names in more children's programmes than distant members of our families, or that my handbag would have a book, paper, pens and a toy car for good measure, or that I would have to do two extra loads of small clothed washing (and ironing!), or that I no longer set an alarm clock (unless for work days), or that our weekly shopping would always include dairylea and fruit  - I don't think I would of believed them.

There are lots of things living with a toddler has taught me. It has taught me that the front room will pretty much only ever be really tidy once M is bed or he is out for day. It has taught me that standing on toy cars hurt - any time of the day!!. It has taught me that I have to be organised on the the things which NEED to be completed, and the other stuff - well sometimes that can just wait.
And sometimes you just have to deal with the mess and have a cuppa.

What have you learnt from living with a toddler?

This post was inspired by the very talented Shimelle Laine, and her class 'Learn Something New Everyday'

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  1. Leanne that is so brilliantly written, I love it. All so so true. I have learned (am learning) that the answer to the question is never the answer to the question, that people under 4 live by a different set of rules to the rest of society, that those who can sleep as long as they want never want to sleep, that there are more shades of pink than I ever imagined, that no toy no matter the cost will ever be as wonderful as a sofa full of cushions and a blanket, so much really that I never thought of before, thank you!