14 Sep 2012

{ #flashbackfriday : 2009}

While scrolling through twitter this evening I saw the lovely Nat mention about #flashbackfriday - love this idea!! And linking up with Mummy Mishaps.
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Off I went on the hunt for something to blog about  - and I remembered this month we have been in our flat 3 years! We moved in September 2009 - while I was pregnant with M.

Our decision to move was more that we had outgrown the space - it was a small 1 bedroom flat. Not much space. And with the small one of the way we wanted somewhere bigger to raise out family. On the run up to the move I remember worrying, panicking, unsure it would be ready in time and battling with the increasing tiredness that comes with being pregnant. Being pregnant almost meant that even at times where I felt the need to get packing and sorted everyone was telling me to not do too much, too take it easy and don't over exert myself. However through all that we got there all packed up and ready to go on the morning of the 18th.

The removal van arrived promptly and made quick work of emptying our house of contents. Our parents arrived to lend a hand too and soon we were taking the 15 minute trip down the road to our new abode. It was so empty and new. (The day before I had a major meltdown with the landlords involving the lack of a fridge, the dirty marks on the wall and the fact the kitchen sink had been painted in white emulsion!)

I was getting in every ones way, unable to lift a box and starting to feel that sense of panic rise in my throat that I was sent off to asda to get some things for lunch. By the time I had arrived home things were looking a bit more homely (except the continued lack of a fridge and the sink which would not be fixed until later in the week!!!)

As a moving in present my mum had placed an online food shop (which luckily arrived after the fridge!) and with the help of K's brother and parents we continued making things homely, making the bed, putting away DVD's and sorting the kitchen. Whilst mentally making a list of new furniture to buy for our bigger place. Since moving here we have added a computer desk, a large expedit unit and a dinning room table and chairs.

I do love our flat, I do wish we owned a house. I love the size of our front room, I do wish the kitchen was nicer. I love the fact we our next door to the park, I do wish we had our own garden. I love my family - and our place is 'lived' in.

What's your flashback this friday? (Which I am so TGIF as this week has been rather hellish finishing with an oven that won't heat up. Joy)



  1. Moving is so stressful and meltdowns are definitely a part of it! You look quite chilled and happy in your picture though.

  2. thank you so much for linking up :)
    i hate moving., well i hate the packing more! and the cleaning before you move and then the cleaning when you move into your new home!! ha ha i know its all worth it for a nice place to live, but it is soooo stressful.
    and i really LOVE the moving in gift of an on line grocery shop now that is a brilliant idea! well done to your mum x x