13 Sept 2012


This week has been a little scary involving a trip in an ambulance for the small one! I think I have finally stopped shaking!!

On Tuesday night the boy came home with his uncle and he had fallen asleep in the car. We bundled him up and put him straight to bed. Around 9.30 he woke up crying, coughing, struggling to breath, not waiting to stand and being sick. I called an ambulance straight away as it looked like he was having an asthma attack. By the time the paramedics had arrived he calmed down but as soon as they heard his cough the said it was croup.

Maxwell would not let go of his daddy so off they went in the ambulance while I followed behind with my brother in law. I was shaking and scared. We have had episodes in the past with Maxwell and panic breath holding. It scares the life out of me each and every time.

By the time we got to hospital Maxwell was chatting away and checking out the toys the ward had on offer. The confirmed it was croup and gave him some steroids. We were then told to wait in the waiting room to ensure the meds started working and no side effects. Maxwell spent this hour running about, picking up toys and books and moving from me to his daddy to his uncle for cuddles.

Finally we saw the doctor and Maxwell was so good while he listened to his chest and back, checked out his ears and throat and monitored his heart rate. He sat so still, interested in all that was going on. After this we were able to go home.

That night M slept in our bed with us. He slept fine a few coughing episodes but generally ok. Me on the other hand every little noise and I was awake. Yesterday was not good my tiredness and M feeling unwell. By the evening we were both exhausted. He feel asleep early but K was working late - I'll admit I was terrified of another big coughing fit, I made sure I stayed dressed, that the bags were by the door. Once K got home I relaxed and M slept the whole night through. Again a few coughs but in general ok. I'm still feeling a bit out of it - i think its a combination of tiredness and worry to be honest. Its horrible seeing him unwell and being so powerless over something to do. To top it all I think I'm coming down with cold too - so much for a relaxing week off work?

Have you had any experience's with croup?

Hope you have a lovely Thursday!



  1. What a scary thing! As a mom I can imagine how you must panic in such a moment...! Luckily my son, now 28 months, never had croup but last year he coughed so much that he often threw up :-(

    I have to say I love your scrap layouts! I wish I had so much creativity and talent too!

  2. No experience, but just wanted to say I can imagine why your still feeling out of sorts. Hope Maxwell is on the mend soon and you never have another experience like it!

  3. Hope Maxwell is feeling better soon. It's horrible when our little ones are ill , I just want to make my babies as comfortable as possible
    Sending big hugs x x

  4. Oh, how scary. Hugs to you all. We've had no croup here and fingers crossed we wont as it sounds horrible, I'm glad he's okay and doing better. x

  5. Its awful when we can't make our babies feel better isn't it?! A few of my friends have had children with croup, some recurring. They know the signs now and most of the time they can deal with it at home but they have to be ready to seek further help. They sit in the bathroom with the hot taps running as the steam REALLY helps the little ones to breathe. My 3 year old daughter had an ambulance trip when she was about 10 months old with sudden difficulty breathing early one morning and I never want to go through that again but it seems both of mine have asthma (despite over 5 years of breastfeeding between the 2 of them and no asthma from me or hubs!) Big hugs to you all and hope you all get some rest.