5 Sept 2012

{Advenutres in the Kitchen : Profiteroles}

Profiteroles is something I had always thought to be quite tricky. They look it right? But as the letter P came up on this months #alphabakes challenge I decieded to give them ago (while my sister was round entertaining the small one!) check out the hosts over at Caroline Makes and More than the occisional baker

As I was intending this first attempt to fail I did not grab out my big camera for the making off! Plus had to get my sister to read some of the instructions to me as I did not have enought hands!!

 So it began - was quite a quick process to get the dough together. (please excuse the mess - I had also been cooking curry, patties and rice today! - mammouth clean up on hubbys part after!)
 The dough made up enough to make 18 little splodges of dough across the baking sheet.
And ta-dah out they came looking like actual profiteroles, not perfectly sized or anything but looking like them!

For the filling we opted for Kellys Cornish Clotted Cream Ice Cream - I had been asked to give a review of this lovely ice cream - Um yes! And this made a lovely alternative for being stuffed into little splodges of choux pasty. The ice cream has a really lovely creamy flavour and texture and was also a big hit with the small one.

To top off our profiteroles I whipped up a quick nutella sauce ( 2 tblespoons of nutella, 1 tablespoon of creme fraiche (what was in the fridge, but any cream would work) and then a dash of full fat milk - give it a good mix - then drizzle over!)

This was a rather yummy way to round of a sunday. This is also something to cross of my 'must attempt in the kitchen list'


  1. Look great. Something I've always wanted to try but thought tricky. May have a go when i get some quite time. What recipe have you used?

  2. Mmm, profiteroles are one of my favourite puddings! I've never made them before though but my younger cousin has been a pro at them since she was little!

  3. I love profiteroles and that nutella sauce sounds heavenly. Thanks for entering AlphaBakes!

  4. I've never tried to make profiteroles either, but I think I might have to! Thanks for entering Alphabakes!

  5. You make it look so easy!!! I think you persuaded me to try and make some soon!! Lovely blog by the way!!!