6 Sept 2012

{Adventures in the Kitchen : To Do List}

You may have noticed I have been baking a bit more recently. a lot of this is to do with this world of cooking/baking blog challenges I have found. I have really started to love the push to try something new (if you know of anymore let me know! I try and fit them in but I struggle at times, but its nice to plan!)

This got me thinking of some things I have always wanted to try in the kitchen but not got round to. Maybe making a list will give me the push to give it a go. Worth a shot right?

  1. Bread. I have made one loaf in the past, it was not amazing. I would really like to try and master this skill - try baking bread rolls, focaccia and other types of bread. Any tips greatly taken. I have plenty of books which cover the subject just always been a bit scared.
  2. Macaroons. I adore these, never made these (people say they are difficult right?. However I really want to try and make them. Again I am scared....
  3. Meringues. I know I know. This is not difficult, but it is just something I have never made.
  4. Pasta. Ok so you can buy pasta easily I know that. However I would like to attempt to make my own at least once. DO you really need a pasta machine to make it?
  5. Pastry. All types - I have never made a pie or a tart  - therefore I would like to make both.
  6. Profiteroles. Well I cross these off my list. Whooop!!
  7. Jam. Savoury and Sweet - I love chili jam.
  8. Tart Tatin. I love the look of this.
  9. Roulade / Swiss Roll. Oh how I love thee.
  10. Two tier cake (at least)
Well there it is my hit list of kitchen adventures. Do you have any? Anything you think I should add?

Happy days.



  1. My sister Alice is attempting to recreate something off the Great British Bake Off each week, not sure if that counts but she's enjoying it. justathought92.wordpress.com

  2. I used to love to bake, not done it for a while - might have to give it some thought and get on board. Happy baking.