8 Aug 2012


I am still in the process of working through and filling in the gaps in our family albums. One thing which was missing (which was a big part of our daily lives at the time) was weaning.

I had researched, talked and thought about how we should approach this. M started showing interest in food and we decided to start him off on baby rice. Which he loved.

This gradually moved onto making puree's for him. I bought the Annabel karmel book and everything. But in the end I just cooked and pureed all types of fruit and veg (potato, broccoli, sweet potato, carrots, apple, pears) and froze them individually in ice cube trays. Once they had frozen I emptied the cubes into freezer bags to store. For meal times I would then make up combinations ( a couple of potato cubes, a couple of broccoli and a carrot cube) M took to it so well. We progressed onto other home cooked meals ( stew and macaroni cheese!) and mixed in various jars on baby food. ( ones of his faves was pork and apple casserole!)

Alongside the purees I applied some baby led weaning techniques. Snacks would be bread stick, carrot sticks or fruit. I always encouraged M to feed himself with cutlery or fingers! And the same at nursery too.
It may not have been the normal approach. But it worked for us

To create the layout I went through my stack of Year 1 photos and pulled out some 'eating' ones - all mummy's have these pics right? I cropped the 4x6 photos down to run a little line of pictures across. I a, loving the confetti trend at the moment. And as I am a bad mummy and not made really in depth notes on when and what happened when..... I grouped together all my memories together in one place and added the twenty ten for date.

What did you do with weaning or what are doing? Any tips for me? (for the next one!! lol!)

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  1. My top tips, however you choose to wean your children;

    1. Love food - eat well, cook things you like to eat and pass it on to your kids (by osmosis mostly)
    2. Don't fight about food - you can't make your child eat what you provide for them so don't turn mealtimes into a battleground. When my kids won't eat what I've made, there isn't anything else on offer and they have to sit at the table with the rest of us while we eat.