21 Aug 2012


Granted our summer here this year has been rather hit or miss in terms of the weather. But this past weekend was HOT HOT HOT.

The air was thick and muggy, and the heat hit you like a wall when you went outside. M has been coping really well in the heat and sleeping fine. (thankfully!)

On saturday as the temperatures soared we headed to my parents for some dinner and catching up ( and for M some running round the garden!)
He had fallen asleep in the car on the way to my mums, hence his tired look in his eyes. But an ice lolly will help everything.
He was not so sure about the paddling pool. But soon we could not get him out - Everytime we dried him off and put dry clothes on, off he went and got back in!

Thought the water pistol soon solved that problem. And he took great joy in firing it at EVERYONE!!
He loved being outside and playing and laughing and running. He is so full energy.

Hope your summer days have been fun too!!


(I am having major issues with resizing pictures on blogger at the moment!! SORRY!)


  1. that is so sweet! Its what summer is all about :) x

  2. What a fab post! I love the summer and am even sporting a mini tan. X