10 Aug 2012

{Stories from my camera : the Olympic torch}

Back on the 23rd July the torch was making it journey right through where we live. In fact right past the front of our flat. Kevin had to work so me and the small one made plans to head to the park next door, where the local children's centre was setting up a tent with activities for the kids. Today it was so hot! so we set out our picnic in the shade. Maxwell's godfather joined us for the afternoon.
Maxwell made his own torch - though in the matter of honestly I think he thought it was a telescope and kept looking through it!! He also got covered in glitter (sticky and hot two year old and gold glitter and glue!)

After some fun in the park, we headed back over to the car park at the flat where the rest of the residents of the block were out in force waiting for the arrival of the torch. I don;t think I have ever spoken to as many of my neighbours before!

First up was the parade of floats. As K couldn't be there I face timed him and set up the phone on the wall so he could watch! Technology hey!?!
And finally the main event. The Torch.

I was amazed at how many people turned out. At how much fun the atmosphere was. Maxwell was exhausted after and fell straight to sleep.

I think his favourite part of the whole day was the fact a bus had to stop right in front of us. To which he kept shouting 'my bus' very loudly and making everyone laugh.

Happy thoughts


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