21 Aug 2012

{One Year Down...}

Yesterday, was our one year wedding anniversary. We did it. One year down.

I still can't believe it sometimes. That I am a wife and a mother. All the things I wanted. Yes, it is not always perfect, and their arguments, and disagreements. But their is also much happiness, and laughter, and just being together. We don't have much in terms of money, or a lovely big house which is beautiful and tidy all the time. But we do have each other. That's so important. Life is not easy. But together we can get through it. I'm sure.
This is us, one year ago. Just after officially becoming Mr & Mrs. I loved our wedding day. It was full of so much colour, and fun, and laughter. It was relaxed and welcoming and such a lovely lovely day.
And this is us, a year later. We went out to celebrate over the weekend with our families. We went out for ice cream (which was lovely a cool inside! Outside was such a scorcher!) In the afternoon we ate with the in laws and opened a bottle of champagne.

On the actual day we exchanged presents and then took our favourite little man out for lunch. Before taking him to the in laws and heading out for dinner. Just me and him.

We went to our favourite Indian restaurant - and they brought us out a little dessert to share to celebrate. It was relaxed and lovely to sit and talk.

Thank you K for being with me. For being my husband. You truly do make me happy.

Love L


  1. Congratulations. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Just remember the secret to a happy, long, life together is just two little words..... "Yes, dear" :D LOL. Jude.x

  2. You guys look so happy! Here's to the next year xx