9 Aug 2012

{Jimmy turns 1}

Their is a lovely friend of mine named Michaelanne. She is an American, living here with her husband. She is truly one of the nicest, kindest and friendliest ladies I know. (she amazes me with her memory - she can meet someone one and remember all the details about them!! AMAZE!!)

They have a beautiful son, who in July turned one. When Michaelanne was telling me about having a little party for Jimmy I offered my baking services. Her request cupcakes. I used my 'birthday cupcake' recipe and whipped up 2 dozen for his little shindig.

I cut out the icing stars using some lime green fondant icing, a little rose piped butter cream (tinted blue) and sprinkled with some blue raspberry sprinkles.

Michaelanne had baked Jimmy his own individual birthday cake - just for him. With preparation of some cake smash photos - however Jimmy is far too well behaved and requested a spoon. (check out his beautiful blue eyes!)

This little boy is such a smiley happy soul - like his parents. Jimmy LOVED K's beard and kept laughing as K played peek a boo with him.

It was a lovely afternoon spent with some dear friends.

Thanks for letting us share in it. big love.

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