31 Aug 2012

{highlight reel}

I have a rather lovely good friend (we have reconnected again more recently) who I have known for a few years who I can text when I'm worried or stressing who I wish lived nearer. Who the other day texted me re a conversation she had heard on the paperclipping roundtable podcast. all about your life in highlight reel format.

We are living in the social media age. Where on a daily basis I check emails, spend time on twitter, upload photos to instagram or have conversation on Facebook. It's how I communicate with my friends. But at times this can cause me distress that my house is not like there's, my life is not like there's or my child is not like there's. Which is where this highlight reel comes in. We only share or highlight the good parts (most of the time. I need to remember this!! Our lives are not perfect! Fact!)

So what was on my highlight reel today. Seeing some lovely friends, spending time with my mum, some potty progress with m, icing some lovely cakes, cooking dinner in the slow cookker and having an awesome cuddle with maxwell.

However that's not the whole truth of my day. What wouldn't make the highlight reel would be. M throwing a temper tantrum in the High street as I wouldn't let run off up the road, that he created so much to go on a carousel, then refused to sit down so I had to crouch down next to him, that he refused to eat any lunch and hardly any dinner, that he refused to use the potty this evening, that I'm in pjs but 6.30 on a Friday night, that I ate pretzels and breaded chicken for my lunch, that I forgot to eat breakfast, that bulb has blown in the kitchen, that I really need to wash up but too be honest I really don't want too.

Those are all the real life stuff. Not just the highlights.

What about you. What about your day? What made the highlights? And what was just life?

Happy Friday night!


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  1. My highlight reel is always pretty fast, nothing much to see except I got myself together for LSNED and blogged about it. Took the kids to a play centre. Life, well, I took the kids to a play centre so I didn't have to entertain them for a couple of hours, I should be slimming but I ate cake while I was sat there and then ordered a curry tonight and I was in my PJs by 7.30. After a week like this, I wish I drank! Have a great weekend x

    1. Thanks for leaving your comments!! And yay for cake!

  2. today i went for an interview, sort of anyway weird interview,.............took photos, drove miles, had a man buzzing on my flat buzzer annoying me trying to men the thing and it still doesn't work, facebooked an old baby i looked after, watched a movie, had tea, got excited for LSNED and Dr Who tomorrow,
    Jo xxxx

    1. Oh gee! That does not sunds like a fun day - but looks like it imporved!!

  3. totally feel you on the highlight reel! It's true, the majority of us only show the big positives so it's hard to know what's really going on behind closed doors!
    My highlight reel from today would have been making brunch with my daughter, going to an amazing natural hair documentary screening and being recognised by the host as I admire him and was lovely that he called me 'aunty' (Nigerian custom) as it meant he held me in high regard too!

  4. So true, sometimes what we put across as real life is not always so real! Thanks for sharing.