16 Aug 2012


As you may have guessed if you have been reading this blog, following me on twitter and ever seen the amount of cookbooks I own - I like to bake. I don't have a fancy mixer (as much as I would LOVE a kitchenaid!) and I find whipping up a cake an easy nap time activity.

However I got asked to review a new product to the market. Halfbaked Cakes .

Nothing in life is quite as welcoming as the sweet smell of a home-baked cake. Especially when it's made with top notch ingredients like free-range eggs, proper patisserie flour and real butter.

The new Half-Baked Cake Company presents a revolutionary new concept in readymade cake mixture, made with real kitchen cupboard ingredients. There’s no need to add anything else or even find a baking tin to fit, everything you need is provided. Baking a cake has never been easier.

The Half-Baked Cake Co. range comprises Scrumptious Chocolate, Lemon & Lime Drizzle, Coffee & Walnut and Farmhouse Apple. Perfect for everyday tea or special celebrations, for treating the family or impressing friends, there is a delicious Half-Baked Cake for every occasion.

Your cake comes all ready mixed and in a tray to just be popped in the oven. It includes any icings and topping also needed to complete your cake. I got sent the Coffee & Walnut cake, which included some yummy coffee buttercream and shelled walnuts.

It was so simple to make - open box, open plastic, pop in oven. And I can really see the appeal  - especially if I was doing an afternoon tea, it would really save some time. But the real proof is in the baking.

The cake baked well, got a lovely rise (granted mine did not end up as round as it was supposed as the box got a little squished in transit). It had a really nice flavour and the buttercream was really good.

It was a lovely tea time treat for me and the hubby (who gave it a thumbs up).

The halfbaked cakes are found exclusively at Tesco Stores. andcan be found in the chilled food aisle, by the chilled home baking range at selected Tesco Extra stores and Tesco.com from mid-July. the RRP for the cakes is around £5.00.

Next I want to try the chocolate cake.......


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