29 Aug 2012


There a nights when I put maxwell to bed he is out like a light.

There are nights I put him to bed and we read three stories before lights out.

There are nights I put him to bed and we have big cuddles.

There are nights he takes hours to drift off.

There are nights I say shh stop that lay still a million times before he goes to sleep.

There are nights he wants to hold my hand until he falls asleep.

There are nights where I am so hungry I lose my temper and get annoyed him.

There are nights I like to sit in the dark room and just think.

There are nights where I fall asleep on his floor.

There are nights we have cuddles in the big bed.

But overall every night I love to hear him drift off, see that angelic face, wonder what he is dreaming off, that I tell him I love him, and not too worry mummy is here. And most of all I am thankful we have gotten to the end of yet another day. And tomorrow we get to do it all over again.

Good night.

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  1. aww gorgeous photo. Bedtime is certainly a hit and miss issue isn't it?!