23 Aug 2012

{Adventures in the Kitchen : Twix Brownies}

This months' Alphabakes challenge is brought to you by the letter...... T
I thought about trying Tea bread and then I kind of got stuck thinking of T related things. Until I remembered TWIX. Off I trundled in search of Twix Brownies. I found a recipe and whipped them up. They got the thumbs up from everyone - I liked having the crunchy biscuit pieces in the brownies!!

I used one pack of fun size twixes which I broke into 4 pieces. You do a layer of brownies batter, sprinkle on the twix pieces, then a layer of brownie batter on top.
They gave a good bake, with a lovely pale top but a gooey middle.
And the biscuit and caramel bit of the twix stay all in tact giving the brownie a good crunch.

The alphabakes challenge are run by The More than Occasional Baker and Caroline Makes,


  1. Ooooh Leanne they look totally scrummy!

  2. Wow - they look and sound yummy! I have pinned the recipe and might have to give it a go :-)

  3. God that looks soooooooo gooooood - damn diet!!!

  4. Great idea using twix in brownies! Thanks for entering AlphaBakes!

  5. How creative, using Twix to make brownies!