22 Aug 2012

{Adventures in the Kitchen : Rose Cake}

As you may have guessed from this blog, I like to bake.

And I have been told that my baking is rather good. I love baking for an occasion ( I plan it around for example : Christmas, what new things can I bake, Birthdays, I'll bring the baked goods!) and my reputation for baking a cake is well known within out friends. This is how come when a friends daughter was celebrating her sweet 16th, they asked me to bake the cake. I felt extremely honoured to be asked. After a few conversations they decided on two red Velvet cakes (they love my red velvet cupcakes!) and then the cake to have the rose icing piped all over. This was my first attempt at this icing on a big cake, I have done the rose piping on cupcakes. So no practising just jump straight into it.

I used the Hummingbird Bakery Red Velvet Cupcake recipe and just split the batter between two 20cm sandwich tins. I was pleased and got a good rise out of the cakes.
Next step was but a crumb coating on the cake (plus sandwich them together) I used the Hummingbird vanilla butter cream - rather than the cream cheese one (I think in total I made 3 batches of the icing to completly ice both cakes) As the day I baked them it was SUPER HOT I put the cakes in the fridge. Once the crumb coating had hardened ready to rose ice.
And finished. I swirled some red food dye on tooth pick through the white icing to get the variegated look. I piped all the flowers round the side first, then did the top. To finish added little swirls in the gaps.
I was pleased with the outcome, and so were my friends. I really enjoyed making them and this icing technique was very forgiving.

Happy Baking.


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  1. Wow, that looks so pretty! The variegated colouring is really effective too.