11 Jul 2012

{When I was younger...}

Another party guest! EEPP - the very talented Jenny, who I have been lucky to give real life snuggles to her beautiful boy!!

Hi There!  First up I’d like to say a big thanks to Leanne for asking me to guest on her blog and a huge happy blog birthday to you lovely lady!
I’m Jenny of JennyStitches and when I’m not talking birthdays I’m usually blogging about my hobbies and family life.  I’m a new mummy to 5 month baby Jack and I live with my wonderful husband and two black and white cats on the Lancashire coast.

Anyhow, enough about me, down to business! Birthdays.  I celebrated my 27th birthday a few weeks ago and I’ve got to confess, I was hugely underwhelmed.  My husband celebrated his 26th birthday a few days later and guess what, he was underwhelmed too!  So what went wrong?

1. Well, for a start the baby howled the house down the night before. There I am, poised on the sofa, glass of wine in hand ready to relax and the only sound filling the house is the sound of screaming from the nursery.  He managed to repeat this epic feat on the night of my birthday too, so instead of putting my feet up, I was pacing the landing and spooning out the calpol.

2. I didn’t unwrap a single present.  I’ll confess, this is my own fault as I get terribly embarrassed about asking for gifts so on being asked what I’d like I did the whole “oh no it’s okaaay I don’t need anything” bit. Usually people go to extra lengths to find out what I might really like by quizzing my husband but this time every one was too busy, and probably too fed up of me so no parcels.  Hubby and I agreed a few years ago to stop buying each other birthday/xmas/anniversary gifts (due to a startling lack of cash) so I opened a couple of cards and that was that!
3. M&S messed up my cake.  My Mum doesn’t make us birthday cakes these days, we’re all too old now so I opted to pop into M&S for coffee and cake.  Except it took them about 20 minutes to make our coffee, by which point the baby was restless and I was agitated, they forgot to make my latte too so peaceful coffee time wasn’t quite that.

It got me thinking though, what made our childhood birthdays just so special? If it is after all, just another day of the year, why do we get so disappointed when our grown up birthdays just aren’t as exciting?

Looking back at my childhood our birthday celebrations were seriously low key compared to some kids these days.  Recently a friend’s daughter attended a ninth birthday party where the girls were collected in a limousine, taken for a professional photo shoot before a party.  Another friend’s son spent the afternoon at the Manchester ski slope, taking ski lessons.  Seriously, will we be expected to foot the bill for parties like these when our little one grows up? I certainly hope not!

Our birthday parties consisted of:
Homemade birthday cake – Mum made some awesome cakes over the years, fancy icing, football pitches, you name it, no special skills, just Mum doing her best.

Party food – Nothing fancy, just sausage rolls, crisps and sandwiches and of course cheese and pineapple on a stick, exotic!

Fizzy drinks – my brothers used to have belching competitions with a jug of coke but my parents will never admit it!

Games - Pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parcel (oh how I remember my friend Lucy crying under a chair at her own party because she wasn’t winning, the shame!),  musical chairs… yep you get the picture. Normally all accompanied by a classic party CD by Black Lace…
Dancing – Seriously, just dancing around the living room in best party frocks, again to the classic party tunes/80s hits.

We tend to look back on these events and laugh, at the naff music, the kid who cried the whole way through & inevitably puked from too much pop. Really, the memories were so special that none of that matters.  That’s why as an adult, birthdays just won’t be special in that way again.  I don’t want a party/presents/a fuss anymore; I just want to be with my family.  Now my focus is on my loved ones and my little boy and that’s worth a million birthday celebrations to me.

Of course, when my little one starts having parties, I’ll probably be rolling out the jelly & ice cream and the dodgy CDs.  Bring it on!!!

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  1. Great post. I love an old fashioned party. My daughter recently went to an 18th birthday party and played pass the parcel, everyone thought it was strange but I thought it was cute :)