9 Jul 2012

{Turning 18}

Please welcome a party guest in the form of Jo. I've known Jo for a few years now, as we are both regulars at a local crop. She really is a wonderfully kind person. You can follow Jo's blog here.

It really is great being here to help Leanne celebrate her blog birthday and it coincides with a great time in my calendar to talk about birthdays.

We’ve had a couple of big birthdays in our house this year.  In January I turned the big 4 0! It was all very painless and has brought me to an age where I feel more confident about who I am and the body I live in.

The other big birthday took place the last Saturday in June with my beautiful daughter, Maddie, turned 18.  I had watched Mamma Mia a couple of days before her birthday and the song Slipping Through my Fingers certainly rang true, and had me sobbing!

 There is lots I could say about birthdays, about how I’m a giver not a receiver, how I get so excited about finding the perfect present for someone, how I love to arrange surprises and how I love to bake a birthday cake but that song got me thinking about what birthdays mean to me as a parent.

When I look back at everything that happened pre Maddie it always gets me thinking about the age I was when it happened, since becoming a parent everything is gauged by the age Maddie was.  In my mind my birthday is irrelevant, after all its three weeks after Christmas in that “forget about birthday’s zone”.  Maddie’s is bang in the middle of the year, hers is the important one and the one I judge the passing of time by.  When I’m scrapping and trying to work out a date I always think about the age Maddie was at the time, even if she’s not included on the layout.

I guess in my head I don’t feel any different than I did when I turned 18 so rather than admit I’m getting older I still think of myself as 18 and count the passing years when celebrating Maddie’s birthday.  It’s a great way to stay young until you wake up and realise you are the parent of an adult!
One of Maddie’s first adult questions to me on the morning of her birthday was “Why aren’t you the one getting the congratulations and presents when it was you that did all the hard work to bring me into the world?”  Good question Maddie, why not?  Thinking about it though, that’s what I do celebrate on her birthday, I celebrate my greatest creation. J

I would imagine that when she’s 50 I’ll still be thinking of myself as 18 and still saying things  like “do you remember that lovely day out we had, you were 37 at the time”, I also imagine I will have  no clue as to how old I am though!
So how do you celebrate the passing of time? Do you count that passing of years on your child’s/dogs/cats birthdays or do you enjoy all the moments all of the time and forget the passage of time?

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