11 Jul 2012

{A special guest}

As we should all know by now, I have been blogging for 4 years. Now it is not often the hubby reads my blog - though he is aware of the fact that I do blog. However the other night, while I was putting the little man to bed - it turned out the big fella was reading my blog. He told me he wanted to write a post to celebrate my blogging birthday. Please welcome, Kevin.

Happy blog birthday Leanne.

Wow four years, my how have things changed. For the better.

In your post you mentioned all the changes that have occurred. Apart from one. We have become closer and better friends. We have a deeper understanding of each other. I think understanding is the key to a successful relationship. We accept each others faults, quirks, habits and hobbies. We encourage each other to be ourselves and this attitude has been adopted by our son. Our greatest creation and adventure. We fight like cat on dog at times but it's only because we say how we feel when we feel it. Our relationship has shaped our being and purpose and we are not the people we were four years ago. Action reaction as people we always evolve and change. Always for the better I hope. You have blossomed into an even more beautiful woman, wife and mother. Here's to another 4 years of your blog.

Now we're flying through the stars...

Let's hope this night will last forever

Kevin Edwards