10 Jul 2012

{Sibling Birthdays}

Please welcome Lisa and her guest post about her darling boys. She kindly offered to write a post through my little request on twitter. You can check out her blog over here.

Our boys birthdays are close together, I'm not talking within months or even weeks of each other nope, try this; Damien was born on the 3rd November 2009 and Dennis on the 2nd November 2011.

I always said I wanted a two year age gap, but never could I have imagined I would get it so spot on. As I was heavily pregnant with Dennis, we decided not to do a party for Damien's second birthday as I didn't know when I was going to 'drop'.

People kept telling me that he won't know and that I was giving him the best present, a brother! Hmmm, not sure a two year old gets that concept. If you can't bash it, throw it, stand on it or make a noise with it, it's no fun right?

So feeling guilty as we parents often do, we have decided to have a big party for Damien's 3rd birthday to make up for last year. We made the mistake of telling him he is having a party and now that is all he talks about. It was really sweet at the beginning but now he asks everyday if it's his party.

One major obstacle we have to get around is the fact that Dennis has his birthday first. We happened to mention this to Damien whilst out shopping in John Lewis. Big mistake on our part as it sparked the mother of all meltdowns.

"it's not Dennis' birthday first, it's mine!" came his cries and quickly caught the attention of the other shoppers. How do you ration with a two year old?

We are also getting, 'is it my birthday yet?' everyday! When did my little man become so knowing? He can't quite make up his mind as to the theme of his party. We have gone from Peppa Pig to pirates, firemen to builders and finally back to pirates!

On the plus side of having their birthdays so close together does mean I can get away with joint parties when they are young. However, as they get older I can see this becoming an expensive time for us. Does anyone else have this dilemma?

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  1. My friend had her first daughter on her birthday, then her second daughter on her birthday and a few years ago they celebrated their 40th, 21st & 18th all on the same day...that was expensive!