24 Jul 2012

{Proud of me}

Wow that's a hard statement to make.
To say it out loud like that?!

Moving on......
Me and my lovely girls over on twitter have been trying to inspire each other to blog more, blog differently and blog more honestly about our lives. Louise then prompted us all to blog about something we have done/made that makes us proud. You can read about her awesome sewing skills!! Now all of us our mamas. That being said I'm pretty sure we are proud of our kids, proud of being mamas and proud that we all make to the end of the day somewhat OK. However what have I DONE recently that made me proud?

Taking these pictures. (of course the subject matter I think is rather lovely!! Biased mummy!)
I am in no way an amazing photographer (unlike the lovely and talented Shimelle, SJ and Laura - whose photos are always AMAZING!!!!!)
But I was so happy when I looked back at these photos. I like the colour, the composition and the expression I have managed to capture.
I would like to say in this photo he was shouting BBBBUUUSSSSSS really loudly. My boy moves so quickly and it is very rare I don't have a blurry photo of him but these one from the a wedding we went to at the weekend turned out pretty good.!
Looking at them just makes me smile!! What made it even better is after I had taken the photos and K had the camera back he was taking a flick through the photos and turned round to me and said 'Those photos you took are amazing!' Hearing him being proud in me is the best feeling.
Finally a little family shot....all looking and smiling! Man this one is getting printed on canvas ASAP!!! Love my family.

What have you done recently that your proud of? Let me know, I would love to have a read.

Happy thoughts.



  1. Love these photos! They're so M, full of energy! The colours and the light are beautiful. Well done lady :)

  2. They are gorgeous shots. You have every right to be very proud

  3. gorgeous! LOVE the ones of him shouting, and the family pic is beautiful xxx

  4. Great photos! Of course, you do have the benefit of one of the most adorable subjects ever. LOVE those curls!

    You've also got a great sense of balance in your photos. I don't know if it's on purpose or not, but you're using the rule of thirds well!

  5. Beautiful shots hun. You have a great eye for catching amazing photos. Just to let you know that I have nominated you as 1 of my 11 for the Liebster Award. Ax