13 Jul 2012

{Party Planning}

Please welcome today my lovely lovely friend Ms Sally  - I heart her!!

So everyone loves a party right??

Well I think I love the planning just as much as the party.

You see since I got engaged I have pretty much had a party to plan every year and for me that is AWESOME!!!

Planning my wedding was out of this world.  We (yes the hubby was very much involved) spent a LOT of time working over what we did and didn’t want and how each detail would tie together.  We knew this way it would be OUR DAY and not something churned out by a venue for the millionth time.  We had the best time and I think it made the day even more perfect that it was details from both of us that went into planning it.

My husband and I are a GREAT team. We will both happily spend hours trawling over ideas and discussing possibilities.  We never tire of it.  We love it.  Maybe we both bring different things to the table, my creative brain and his ordered logistical arranging brain.  (The accountant) 

We have planned birthdays, Christmas parties and christenings and have had the best time doing it.

Bellas 2nd birthday was a sweet shop theme and we decorated the onside of our double gazebo with bold bright colours and a sweet shop at the one end.  I love the large lanterns hanging from the roof, they really look fab!!!  It went down brilliantly with Bella and all her little friends too!!

So a bit about me and the party thing…..

I think that fact that I love sourcing ideas is ever so helpful.  I love the research the planning the note making.  I love looking at colours, at shapes and at themes. 

What’s not to love?

Since the explosion of the joy that is Pinterest, ideas from around the world are now plentiful.  I am so happy to share ideas with others through this medium and also happy to borrow ideas too, that’s what’s it all about right??

You can find my boards here
I like to find ideas from the USA too.  I feel they do parties on a scale that I am happy to go along with (bigger).

They have so many awesome ideas and ways of crating decor, cakes, games that over here you just don’t see so much of.  But to be honest I like that you don’t see it so much as within my circle of invitees I don’t feel like I am going with the supermarket bought masses.
I love to check out the following websites for ideas.
Design Dazzle, great for parties and kids interiors
Simply designing also great for interiors and parties
Etsy awesome for almost anything
EBay, I know obvious maybe but still you can find the things you want to complete a look at a fraction of the price and in the quantity you need it. What’s not to love?
So I digress, what plans are going on this year?
Well my daughter turns three in October and I am so excited to plan her party. I am a little sad that she is growing but as the month approaches I think to myself embrace it and plan a fun party.
Now for the last few years I have picked the theme but I asked her this year and she went for Princesses (now there is a surprise)
I am NOT one for the matching plates, banners and party bags from the supermarket, you know Peppa or Cinderella etc.  Now there is nothing wrong with that but for me the more I can make it mine/ ours the better.  So with the non matchy in mind I set about planning how I could make as much a possible without it looking too home made and I think I am almost there.
I plan on having entertainment themed to princesses and Isabella chose this bouncy slide contraption featuring the princesses she loves so I’m happy to go with that.
Also I may well be calling on the skills of our music group leader to do some fun singing and rhymes with the little ones for maybe half an hour of fun and dancing.
I will have crafty tables with crown and princess hat making and some colouring stations too for those less keen on making a mess.
I have a hoard of soft play toys ready to be used and some trikes slides and tunnels etc. too,  so I hope  that everyone will be catered for in term of entertainment. We may also do some of the more traditional things too like pass the parcel etc., but I think I will wait and think more about that close to the time.
Then with regards to décor, I plan on tissue pom poms, bunting, and helium balloons (fixed to the backs of chairs) and tulle skirted tables covered with sparkles.  Cupcakes with pretty toppers and pretty beakers decorated with the child’s name.
I will also make the cake too along with the help of my lovely hubby.  We are currently undecided as to the final idea but it will be either Princess Castle themed or a 3 tier ensemble themed around princesses with a laser cut tiara on top! I just need to have a little play with some ideas!!
Party bag wise, I am not a huge fan of them I have to be honest.  But I do like the presentation you can put into one if you do them properly.  Although I have made them in the past I think this year I will be giving the girls a wand and a tutu and the boys either a prince’s cape or a pirate hat! I am yet to decide on the boys!! 
Oh and for the food I plan on a healthy range of snacks including filled sandwiches cut into funky shapes, crudities and dips, some carrots, cucumber, grapes, strawberries and bread sticks.  With cake pops decorated in a princess like fashion for dessert.
I think that pretty much covers all of the things I have planned so far, I honestly love everything about making parties but more than anything else I sincerely want my little girl to have the best day surrounded by family and friends who love her dearly.
I would love you to share your pinterest boards with me I love to fins new people to follow.  That great thing about this community is the sharing and learning from others and I am all for that.
Sally xx

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