11 Jul 2012

{My birthday last year}

My birthday last year was my first as a married woman.

We got married on the 20th August, and my birthday falls on the 24th (hence why I love August)

It was a birthday spent with just my husband for company on our mini moon getaway to Liverpool.
My sister (bless her) who had organised our whole surprise trip away, had also asked friends and family for my birthday cards. The morning of my birthday I opened up a big envelope full of birthday cards from my parents, our bridal party and siblings. It was such a sweet gesture. The husband had picked up a card while out shopping Liverpool - Check out the married name! Whoop!
He had also bought me some presents - lucky lady seeing as we had just spent a fair bit on getting hitched. A new watch and a book. Happy times.
For my birthday breakfast I had waffles, with maple syrup and bacon. I had been eyeing up this breakfast combo since we arrived, but felt it was far too decadent for just a normal morning. However on my birthday - lets do it!
We had no plans for today - and I was allowed to choose. I picked shopping, followed by the Tate, followed by lunch in the Albert Dock and a visit to a museum.
And a birthday photo shoot along from the dock. I remember right here, feeling so happy I could burst. and so lucky and blessed.
We got all dressed up for a meal out - first stop cocktails in the hotel lounge. A champagne one for me, well it is my birthday.
A walk along the dock to the restaurant, just as the sun was setting.
We went to a lovely Brazilian restaurant, - yummy spit roasted cuts of meat, a buffet of rice and potato dishes. Oh and a bottle of wine. The restaurant also brought our a little chocolate dessert especially for my birthday.
It was a rather lovely way turning 28. This year my birthday will be a little different than last. I'm not really a big party kinda girl, give me good friends, family and a some wine flowing and I'm a happy lady.

Happy thoughts


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  1. The greatest people are born on the 24th August, it was also my dad's birthday. Looks like you had a really special day last year.