16 Jul 2012

{Meal Planning Monday}

Back in June I confessed to you lovely readers about my dis-organised life. Its true I am very disorganised however I do TRY to be organised. As stated back in that blog post, I meal plan in attempt to be somewhat organised. I have seen about blog land and twitter talk of Mrs M Meal Planning Mondays link up - and I shall be playing along this week.
Me this morning, notebook, calendar, cookbooks. (a little projeclife planning also!)

Now usually I do the food shopping online so I sit down on Thursday or Friday of the week to plan meals for the following week. The food shopping comes on a Monday. However this week I was not with it (busy busy busy!) and I forgot to book my slot. Which meant I had to take the boy with me and off to Asda I went.

Our plan for this week is as follows.

Monday - Roast chicken, mash and carrots. (I picked up the chicken last week in the M&S dine in for £10 deal!!)

Tuesday - Chicken, bacon and pasta bake (plan to use leftover chicken from Monday!)

Wednesday - Soy Salmon & Noodles (plan to cook a little extra for lunch the following day!)

Thursday - Steak and rice - (One of the hubbys fave combos!)

Friday - Sausage tray bake with sweet potatoes. (a family fave)

I don't usually plan meals for the weekend as we are usually busy (this weekend no exception a wedding and a birthday party)

Anyhoo - that's the plan.

Do you meal plan? Any suggestions for meals you like?

Happy days



  1. steak and rice is a new one on me, is it just plain steak and boiled rice? Love the sound of the sausage and sweet potato.

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by!
      Yes its plain rice - but the steak I cook slowly in some soy sauce, oxo cube, water, onions and seasoning. Then there is a little 'gravy' to add to the rice.

  2. I have been known to meal plan and find our week works better when I do. Less junk food and waste! I love the sound of the sausage and sweet potato tray bake. What do you usually serve with it?

    1. Hi dawn, Thanks for commenting.

      Yes much less wastage and Junk when I plan - can only be a good thing. The sausage traybake I add potato wedges and other veg and bake it all. Think I will blog the reciepe as had some interest on it.

  3. We've just started to use the same menu every week - Monday Stir fry, Tuesday Pizza, Wednesday Spag Bol, Thursday Jkt Potato, beens, cheese and gammon. Weekends to to be free like yours. It makes it so much easier to shop

  4. I like the sound of the sausage tray bake :) The sight of all those notebooks had me giddy!

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