12 Jul 2012

{Maxwell turns 2}

In February my little boy turned two (woot go me, survived two whole years!! lol). Around this time a lot of M's little baby friends all turn two. We have what we like to refer to as 'the birthday season' where actually every weekend there is a birthday party to attend.

For M's party we decided to hire the local village hall, which was nice and large and not too far from where we live (plus a reasonable price!)

We hired a soft play set up for the kids, which was a big hit (there was a ball pit...) and we invited lots of our friends and family.

My mum made the cake and we ordered the cake topper off eBay. I made 3 dozen cupcakes (all of which went down well)
Between my mum, my sister and my mother in law we laid on a little buffet lunch including mini sausage rolls, sandwiches, multi coloured jelly cups and some pink & white wafer biscuits (classic). K organised the music (as our little man is a bit of a music lover!) and we had a present table (which the boy was very lucky with!)
The party bags were little boxes for the little kids a colouring book, some crayons and some buttons. The older kids had a bouncy ball and a little water gun and for the small babies a little board book and a bib (and a jar of chocolate baby food!) Plus a cupcake to take away for later - best idea as it meant we could leave the cutting of the cake until after the party and divide up between the family (and take into work!)
Another idea we did was set up a colouring table - which seemed to be a hit with the kids (and the parents!) as it gave them something different to do. A really cheap idea - printed pics off the Internet and some Pound shop pencils - shop done!

It was overall a good day, and both me and K were exhausted after! (not to mention the boy!) Now what to do for next year?!

Happy thoughts



  1. Lovely photos, the cake topper looks really cool. And it was a great idea to give cupcakes for the party bags! x

  2. Sounds like a lovely party, love M's safety goggles :)