5 Jul 2012

{A little Jamaicain cooking}

My husbands family were originally from Jamaica, (both K's parents being born in Jamaica and moving over to England in their early teens. They met at school over here) which means I have been introduced (over the past 11 years) to some amazing food, flavours and combinations. I love Curry Goat, and dumplings! It is only in the recent past that I have been attempting to cook some of these dished myself and experiment.

I had decided to meal plan in for this week on Monday (planning more complex meals for days I have time!) to make my own curried beef patties and sweetcorn fritters (I did throw into the mix some plantain as well!)

I got the recipes from this Fish Pies and French Fries, Vegetables, Meat and Something Sweet ... Affordable, Everyday Food and Family-friendly Recipes Made Easy by Gil Holcombe . Its a really good reference book (its not a glossy cookbook with pretty pictures) and I think I would like the other books written by Gil. Its full of good ideas, home cooked, family filling meals.

I would also like to add this is the first time I have attempted any sort of pastry!

Once the little one went down for a nap I made the pastry (meaning I would have time to leave in the fridge to rest before making the filling)

The pastry was made with:

500g Plain Flour
some turmeric (about 1 tbsp)
225g of cold butter
3/4 mug of cold water

Began by rubbing the butter with the flour and the turmeric (which smells awesome) once combined like breadcrumbs, I added about half of the water and mixed the ingredients together. Adding more water where needed.

Once the dough had come together nicely I wrapped it all up in cling film and popped in the fridge to chill. Simples.

When we have patties in the past we have had fish, beef, pork, chicken... you name it you can wrap it in the tinted yellow pastry.

For our I fried some beef mince with some onions. I added some seasoning and a little curry powder. I made them fairly mild as Maxwell would be having some too. I added a mug of water and a stock cube - then left to simmer away.

Once all cooked and smelling lovely  - I rolled out the pastry and cut out circles. Using cookie cutters. Rather than the usual fold in half, I cut two circles and sandwiched the filling in the middle. Before coating in some egg wash and baking in the oven for about 15-20 minutes, until golden.

The pastry was lovely and crispy, with a yummy earthy flavour. The kitchen smelled wonderful as these baked away. And bonus, no soggy bottom on my patties!!

And the hubby gave these a big thumbs up! FTW.

I think I will be making these again soon for him!

Happy thoughts.